Additive manufacturing Switzerland engineering

So now that additive manufacturing has unleashed the freedom of part design, the quest for finding the optimum design has just started. Finding a design that is able to withstand the loads with the minimum weight, or seeking minimum cooling flow consumption for a given heat removal are just typical examples of what our customers ask themselves once they realise the freedom that additive manufacturing provides.

Of course, many customers already have such divisions embedded in their company structure. Nevertheless, sometimes this is not the case and Protoshape is there to aid you. We provide engineering simulation support in the following 2 fields for additive manufacturing:

  • Mechanical integrity of parts (Finite element analysis): numerical simulations to solve mechanical stress problems
  • Fluid dynamics (CFD for flow and heat transfer): numerical simulations of fluid flow /heat tranfer

3D scanning of produced prototypes

On the other hand, if you are interested in the precise geometry of your additively manufactured prototypes we can also provide 3D scanning measurements of the produced parts (using structured light scanner “ATOS GOM Triple Scan”).

This measuring technology enables the scanning of the whole part and allows very precise comparisons against the CAD files that were used for the part. Bringing to the customer the reassurance of the precise manufacturing of his desired prototype. The results are shown in easy-to-handle 3D colormaps which can be viewed at your favorite PC with the provided freeware software.