3D printing metals

Step up your development cycles and use Selective Laser Melting (3D printing metals) to manufacture functional prototypes of the metal of your choice.

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The Selective Laser Melting process (SLM) allows to manufacture your functional prototypes directly from a 3D CAD file. Enjoy a design freedom. A variety of metals can be processed. The material properties of the SLM parts are comparable to the cast base materials, this means, the SLM parts can directly be used as functional parts for testing. With SLM, complex shaped internal cooling channels and bionic designs become reality.


  • Manufacture directly from 3D CAD files
  • Design your 3D prototypes with a freedom you have never enjoyed before
  • Layer-wise build-up enables parts with high complexity (revolutionary internal cooling channels)
  • Achieve dramatic weight reductions by using skeletal / bionic design
  • Material properties comparable to base materials
  • Quality assessment and monitoring in our metallographics lab
 The manufacturing of prototypes is our core business. Your problem is our fuel: challenge us, everything is now possible!