AM Machines from SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions from Lübeck (Germany) is a pioneer and a technology leader for powderbed AM machines.


  • Most productive machines
  • Open process parameters
  • Unser-friendly powder handling

Build up rates

SLM125 25cm3/h
SLM280 55cm3/h
SLM500 105cm3/h

Additive manufacturing machines



Sales and service

For Switzerland, ProtoShape is point of contact for SLM Solutions. For all questions concerning the AM machines from SLM Solutions we are happy to help and provide information.

Our services

  • Prepurchase part validation
  • Consulting for machine options
  • Sales: consumables
  • Sales: metal powder
  • Service location

We can schedule a visit in our showroom with SLM Solutions machines or we can directly send you an offer for a machine.

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